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Artist & Founder

I am a New York raised/based artist, inspired by the graffiti, pop, abstract art movement. I make Fauve art with wild lines, shapes, bold colors, figuration bordering on abstraction, pop and street art. My art representation of my daily interactions with  society, culture and past experiences to bring out emotions of joy.


 Jose Rojas is a practicing artist, designer and photographer, but his first love is painting and drawing. He fell in love with Art in the early 80’s, while on school trips to art galleries in SOHO, New York City. Jose studied graphic design at Bronx Community College (CUNY). He does not follow a particular style or trend, but he always tries to relate his work to a wide spectrum of styles used by other icons. His ideas are drawn from everyday experiences and are filled with intense color and bold shapes. Whether he is working in digital photography or painting he likes to capture the viewer’s attention using nature’s beauty. Art to him is like an oasis where his imagination is full of fantasies. Jose is constantly exploring new techniques to express himself. He has display his work in several places such as, The Bronx Community College (CUNY) Art Gallery. He also has displayed his work in Lillian Vernon Incorporated (Wall of Art) in Rye, New York.


        • Bronx Community College Art Gallery - Bronx, New York
        • Lillian Vernon Art Gallery - Rye, New York
        • Blue Door Art Gallery - Yonkers, New York
        • The Serious Fun Arts Festival  City of White Plains